Volvo XC90: Activating and deactivating data sharing - Media playerVolvo XC90: Activating and deactivating data sharing

Data sharing for relevant services and apps can be set via the Settings menu in the center display.

  1. Tap Settings in the center display's Top view.
  2. Tap System Volvo XC90. Activating and deactivating data sharing Privacy and data.
  3. Select to activate or deactivate data sharing for individual services and all apps.

If data sharing for a connected service or downloaded apps is not activated, this can be done when they are started in the center display. If this is the first time that a service is started, or e.g. after a factory reset or certain software updates, Volvo's terms and conditions for connected services must be accepted. Note that data sharing will then also be activated for other services or apps that sharing has already been accepted for.


After visiting a Volvo workshop, you may need to reactivate data sharing so that services and apps will work again.

Terms of use and data sharing
The first time certain services and apps are started, a pop-up window with the heading Terms and conditions and Data sharing may open. The aim is to inform the user about Volvo's terms of use and data ...

Data sharing for services
If you haven't activated data sharing for a connected service or for downloaded apps, you can do this when you start them in your center display. The first time that you start a service, or e.g. after ...

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