Volvo XC90: Activating or deactivating Park Assist - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: Activating or deactivating Park Assist


The Park Assist function (PAS1) can be activated or deactivated.

Park Assist's front and side sensors are automatically activated when the engine is started. The rear sensors are activated if the vehicle is moving backward or reverse gear is engaged.

Volvo XC90. Activating or deactivating Park Assist Activate or deactivate the function using this button in the center display's Function view.

  • GREEN button indicator light – the function is activated.
  • GRAY button indicator light – the function is deactivated.

In vehicles equipped with Park Assist Camera *, Park Assist can also be activated or deactivated from the relevant camera view.

1 Park Assist System

* Option/accessory.

Park Assist front, rear and sides
Park Assist (PAS1) behaves differently depending on which part of the vehicle is approaching an obstacle. Front camera The warning signal has a continuous tone when the obstacle is less than approx. 30 ...

Park Assist limitations
Park Assist (PAS1) may not be able to detect all conditions in all situations and functionality may therefore be limited in certain cases. The driver should be aware of the following limitations for Park ...

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