Volvo XC90: Adjusting the second row head restraints - SEATS AND STEERING WHEELVolvo XC90: Adjusting the second row head restraints

Adjust the center seat's head restraint to suit the height of the passenger.1 Fold down the outer seats' head restraints* to improve rear visibility.

Adjusting the center head restraint

Volvo XC90. Adjusting the second row head restraints

The center head restraint should be adjusted to suit the passenger's height. The entire back of the head should be covered if possible. Manually move the restraint up or down as needed.

Volvo XC90. Adjusting the second row head restraints

To lower the restraint, press and hold the button (located between the backrest and the head restraint, see illustration) while carefully lowering the head restraint.


The center seat head restraint must be in its lowest position when the seat is not occupied. When the center seat is occupied, the head restraint must be correctly adjusted to the passenger's height, covering the entire back of the head if possible.

Electrically folding down the rear seat's outboard head restraints*

Volvo XC90. Adjusting the second row head restraints

The outer head restraints can be folded via the center display's function view. The head restraint can be folded down when the vehicle is in ignition mode 0.

Volvo XC90. Adjusting the second row head restraints Tap the Headrest Fold button to activate/deactivate folding.

Manually push the head restraint until it clicks into position.


Do not lower the head restraint if there are passengers in any of the rear seats.


The head restraint must be locked in the upright position after it has been folded up.


The head restraints on the outboard second- row seats must always be folded up when there are passengers in the third row of seats*.

1 In vehicles with four or six seats, there is no center seat.

* Option/accessory.

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