Volvo XC90: Ambient temperature sensor - DISPLAYS AND VOICE CONTROLVolvo XC90: Ambient temperature sensor

The ambient temperature is shown in the instrument panel.

The sensor detects the temperature outside the vehicle.

Volvo XC90. Ambient temperature sensor

Location of the ambient temperature sensor in 12"* and 8" instrument panels. The illustration is generic - details may vary according to vehicle model.

If the vehicle has been stationary, the sensor reading may be higher than the actual temperature.

Volvo XC90. Ambient temperature sensor When the ambient temperature is between –5 °C and +2 °C (23 °F and 36 °F), a snowflake symbol will illuminate to alert the driver of the risk of slippery conditions.

The symbol is also temporarily lit in the headup display* if the vehicle is equipped with one.

Change the measurement standard for the temperature sensor etc. via system settings in the center display's Top view.

* Option/accessory.

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