Volvo XC90: Automatic transmission - STARTING AND DRIVINGVolvo XC90: Automatic transmission

Gear position is selected automatically to make driving as energy efficient as possible. The transmission also has a manual mode.

The transmission is available in two different versions. The gear selector indicates which transmission the vehicle has. The various gear selectors have different functions.

Volvo XC90. Automatic transmission

Overview of large gear selector and gear shift pattern in the instrument panel.

Volvo XC90. Automatic transmission

Overview of small gear selector and gear shift pattern in the instrument panel.

The selected gear selector position is displayed in the instrument panel:

P, R, N, D or M.

The transmission is part of the vehicle's driveline (power transmission) between the engine and the drive wheels. The function of the transmission is to change gears depending on speed and power needs. ...

Shifting gears with automatic transmission
For the small gear selector, change gear position by pushing the spring-loaded gear selector forward or rearward, or to the side for manual shifting. For the large gear selector, you instead move the gear ...

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