Volvo XC90: City Safety braking for oncoming vehicles - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: City Safety braking for oncoming vehicles

City Safety can help you apply the brakes for an oncoming vehicle in your lane.

If an oncoming vehicle veers into your lane and a collision is unavoidable, City Safety can help reduce your vehicle's speed to attempt to mitigate the force of the collision.

Volvo XC90. City Safety braking for oncoming vehicles

Volvo XC90. City Safety braking for oncoming vehicles Own vehicle

Volvo XC90. City Safety braking for oncoming vehicles Oncoming vehicles

The following criteria must be met for the function to work:

  • your vehicle's speed must be above 4 km/h (3 mph)
  • the road must be straight
  • your lane must have clear side lane markings
  • your vehicle must be positioned straight in your lane
  • the oncoming vehicle must be positioned within your vehicle's lane markings
  • the oncoming vehicle's headlights must be on
  • the function can only handle “front-tofront” collisions
  • the function can only detect vehicles with four wheels.


Warnings and brake interventions due to an imminent collision with an oncoming vehicle always come very late.

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