Volvo XC90: Connected Safety limitations - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: Connected Safety limitations

Information on vehicles with activated hazard warning flashers or which have detected slippery road conditions is not always communicated between all vehicles in the affected area.

This may be the case if:

  • No or insufficient Internet connection.
  • The maneuvers (steering wheel movements, acceleration or braking) made by the vehicles on slippery surfaces are too weak for friction between the tires and road to be detected.
  • Vehicles that have detected slippery road conditions or activated hazard warning flashers have not activated the function.
  • Vehicles that have detected slippery road conditions or activated hazard warning flashers are not equipped with the function.
  • Insufficient GPS/satellite navigation may prevent warnings.
  • Slippery road conditions were detected or hazard warning flashers were activated on a road that is not registered in the Volvo Cars database.
  • Connected Safety is not developed on all markets and does not cover all areas. Consult a Volvo retailer for more information on covered areas.


  • In certain situations, the function may give false warnings of slippery road conditions.
  • The function cannot always detect other vehicles with activated hazard warning factors or detect all stretches of road with slippery conditions.
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