Volvo XC90: Curve Speed Assist (CSA) * limitations - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: Curve Speed Assist (CSA) * limitations


(This function is only available on some markets.)

Curve Speed Assist (CSA) functionality may be reduced in certain situations. The driver should be aware of the following limitations:

  • Curve Speed Assist (CSA) may have limited performance on small roads and in densely populated areas.
  • At off-ramps or intersections, Curve Speed Assist (CSA) may temporarily switch off.
  • If the satellite navigator's1 map data is not updated, Curve Speed Assist (CSA) may have limited functionality.
  • Curve Speed Assist (CSA) functionality may be limited if the satellite navigator1 has lost contact with the satellite system.
  • On new or rebuilt roads, map data may be incorrect.
  • The risk of reduced grip due to adverse weather or road conditions is not taken into account when calculating suitable cornering speed.


The function uses the vehicle's camera and radar sensor, which has certain general limitations.

1 Only with Volvo Sensus Navigation* installed.

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