Volvo XC90: Deactivating cruise control - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: Deactivating cruise control

Cruise control (CC1) can be deactivated and switched off.

Volvo XC90. Deactivating cruise control

  1. Press the Volvo XC90. Deactivating cruise control button on the steering wheel (2).
    • The symbol and markings turn gray – cruise control goes into standby mode.
  2. Press the Volvo XC90. Deactivating cruise control (1) or Volvo XC90. Deactivating cruise control (3) buttons on the steering wheel to select another function.
    • The cruise control symbol and marking (4) in the instrument panel will go out and the stored maximum speed will be erased.

1 Cruise Control

Selecting and activating cruise control
The Cruise Control (CC1) function must be selected and activated in order to regulate speed. In order to start Cruise Control from standby mode, the vehicle's current speed must be 30 km/h (20 mph) or ...

Cruise control standby mode
Cruise control (CC1) can be deactivated and put in standby mode. This may happen automatically or be due to driver intervention. Standby mode means that the function is selected in the instrument panel ...

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