Volvo XC90: Lane Keeping Aid display - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: Lane Keeping Aid display

Lane Keeping Aid (LKA1) uses symbols in the instrument panel for various situations.

Volvo XC90. Lane Keeping Aid display Some examples of symbols and descriptions of the situations in which they might appear are provided below.


Volvo XC90. Lane Keeping Aid display

Available ‒ the marker lines in the symbol are WHITE.

Lane Keeping Aid is able to detect one or both of the traffic lane's side marker lines.


Volvo XC90. Lane Keeping Aid display

Unavailable ‒ the marker lines in the symbol are GRAY.

Lane Keeping Aid is unable to detect the lane marker lines, the vehicle's speed is too low or the road is too narrow.

Steering/warning indicator

Volvo XC90. Lane Keeping Aid display

Steering/warning ‒ the marker lines in the symbol are COLORED.

Indicates that the Lane Keeping Aid system is alerting the driver and/or attempting to steer the vehicle back into the lane.

1 Lane Keeping Aid

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