Volvo XC90: Road Sign Information display - DRIVER SUPPORTVolvo XC90: Road Sign Information display


Road Sign Information (RSI1) displays road signs in different ways depending on the sign and situation.

Volvo XC90. Road Sign Information display

Example2 of registered speed information.

When the function has registered a speed limit sign, the sign will be displayed as a symbol in the instrument panel and a colored marking will be shown in the speedometer's speed scale.

If the vehicle is equipped with Sensus Navigation*, speed-related information will also be retrieved from map data, which means that the instrument panel can display or change information about speed limits even if the vehicle has not passed a speed-related sign.

Signs for "School" and "Children playing"

Volvo XC90. Road Sign Information display If the warning sign "School" or "Children playing" is included in the satellite navigator's map data3, a symbol of this type will be displayed in the instrument panel.

1 Road Sign Information

2 Road signs differ according to market ‒ the illustrations shown here are just examples.

3 Only vehicles with Sensus Navigation*.

* Option/accessory.

Activating or deactivating Road Sign Information
(Option/accessory) The Road Sign Information (RSI1) function is optional – the driver can choose to have the function activated or deactivated. Activate or deactivate the function using this button in ...

Road Sign Information and Sensus Navigation
(Option/accessory) If the vehicle is equipped with Sensus Navigation*, speed-related information will be provided in the following situations: In cases where the speed limit is given indirectly, e.g. signs ...

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