Volvo XC90: Seat belt tensioners - SAFETYVolvo XC90: Seat belt tensioners

The vehicle is equipped with standard and electric seat belt tensioners that can help tension the seat belt in a critical situation or collision.

Standard seat belt tensioners

All seat belts are equipped with a standard seat belt tensioner.

In a collision of sufficiently violent force, the seat belt tensioners will tension the seat belts in order to more effectively restrain the occupants.

Electric seat belt tensioners

The driver's and front passenger's seat belts are equipped with electric seat belt tensioners.

The seat belt tensioners interact and can be activated in conjunction with the City Safety and Rear Collision Warning driver support sys- tems. In critical situations, such as if the vehicle brakes suddenly, begins to skid or runs off the road (e.g if the vehicle rolls into a ditch, lifts off the ground or hits an obstacle in the road), or if there is a risk of collision, the seat belts can be pulled taut by the seat belt tensioner's electric motor.

The electric seat belt tensioner helps to position the occupant more effectively in the seat, which reduces the risk of the occupant striking the interior of the passenger compartment and improves the effect of other safety systems such as the airbags.

When a critical situation has passed, the seat belt and the electric seat belt tensioner are reset automatically. However, they can also be reset manually.


If the passenger airbag is deactivated, the passenger-side electric seat belt tensioner may also be deactivated.


Never attempt to alter or repair the seat belt on your own. Volvo recommends contacting an authorized Volvo workshop.

If the seat belt has been exposed to extreme forces, e.g. in conjunction with a collision, the entire seat belt must be replaced. Even if the seat belt appears undamaged, some of its protective properties may have been lost. Also replace the seat belt if it is worn or damaged. The new seat belt must be type approved and intended for the same seating position as the replaced seat belt.

Buckling and unbuckling seat belts
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Resetting the electric seat belt tensioners
The electric seat belt tensioners are designed to be reset automatically, but if the seat belt remains taut it can be reset manually. Stop the vehicle in a safe location. Unbuckle the seat belt and then ...

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