Volvo XC90: Top tether anchors - SAFETYVolvo XC90: Top tether anchors

Your Volvo is equipped with child restraint top tether anchors for all seating positions in the second row of seats. In vehicles with six seats, there is a child restraint top tether anchor on the right-side seat in the third row of seats. They are located on the rear side of the backrests.

Child restraint anchorages

Volvo XC90. Top tether anchors

Five-seat and seven-seat models: Top tether anchors and symbols on the rear side of the second row backrests. There is no symbol for the center anchor position.

Volvo XC90. Top tether anchors

Six-seat models: Top tether anchors and symbols on the rear side of the second row backrests.

Volvo XC90. Top tether anchors

Six-seat models: Top tether anchor and symbol on the rear side of the third row backrests.

Securing a child seat

  1. Place the child restraint on the rear seat.
  2. Route the top tether strap under the head restraint and attach it to the anchor.
  3. Attach the strap for the lower tether anchors in the lower ISOFIX/LATCH attachment points. If the child restraint is not equipped with straps for the lower tether anchors, or if the child restraint is used on the center seating position, follow the instructions for attaching a child restraint using the automatic locking seat belt.
  4. Firmly tension all straps.

Refer also to the child seat manufacturer's instructions for information on securing the child seat.


If the vehicle is equipped with a cargo compartment cover, this must be removed before a child seat can be attached in the tether anchors.


  • Always refer to the recommendations made by the child restraint manufacturer.
  • Volvo recommends that the top tether anchors be used when installing a forward-facing child restraint.
  • Never route a top tether strap over the top of the head restraint. The strap should be routed beneath the head restraint.
  • Child restraint anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adult seat belts or harnesses. The anchorages are not able to withstand excessive forces on them in the event of collision if full harness seat belts or adult seat belts are installed to them. An adult who uses a belt anchored in a child restraint anchorage runs a great risk of suffering severe injuries should a collision occur.
  • Do not install rear speakers that require the removal of the top tether anchors or interfere with the proper use of the top tether strap.
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