Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): High Beam Assist (HBA) - Convenience featuresHyundai Santa Fe (TM): High Beam Assist (HBA)

High Beam Assist will automatically adjust the headlight range (switches between high beam and low beam) depending on the brightness of detected vehicles and certain road conditions.

Detecting sensor (Front view camera)

[1] : Front view camera

The front view camera is used as a detecting sensor to detect ambient light and brightness while driving.

Refer to the picture above for the detailed location of the detecting sensor.


Always keep the front view camera in good condition to maintain optimal performance of High Beam Assist.

For more details on the precautions of the front view camera, refer to “Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)” section in chapter 7.

High Beam Assist Settings

With the engine on, select 'light -> High Beam Assist (or HBA (High Beam Assist))’ from the Settings menu to turn on High Beam Assist and deselect to turn off the system.


For your safety, change the Settings after parking the vehicle at a safe location.

High Beam Assist Operation

Display and control

  • After selecting ‘High Beam Assist’ in the Settings menu, High Beam Assist will operate by following the procedure below.
    - Place the headlight switch in the AUTO position and push the headlight lever towards the instrument cluster. The High Beam Assist () indicator light will illuminate on the cluster and the system will be enabled.
    - When the system is enabled, high beam will turn on when vehicle speed is above 25mph (40km/h). When vehicle speed is below 15mph (25km/h), high beam will not turn on.
    - The High Beam () indicator light will illuminate on the cluster when high beam is on.
  • When High Beam Assist is operating, if the headlight lever or switch is used, the system operates as follow:
    - If the headlight lever is pulled towards you when the high beam is off, the high beam will turn on without High Beam Assist canceled. When you let go of the headlight lever, the lever will move to the middle and the high beam will turn off.
    - If the headlight lever is pulled towards you when the high beam is on by High Beam Assist, low beam will be on and the system will turn off.
    - If the headlight switch is placed from AUTO to another position (headlight/position/off), High Beam Assist will turn off and the corresponding lamp will turn on.
  • When High Beam Assist is operating, high beam switches to low beam if any of the following conditions occur:
    - When the headlight of an oncoming vehicle is detected.
    - When the tail lamp of a vehicle in front is detected.
    - When the headlight or tail lamp of a motorcycle or a bicycle is detected.
    - When the surrounding ambient light is bright enough that high beams are not required.
    - When streetlights or other lights are detected.

High Beam Assist Malfunction and Limitations

High Beam Assist Malfunction

When High Beam Assist is not working properly, the ‘Check High Beam Assist (HBA) system’ or ‘Check HBA (High Beam Assist system’ warning message will appear and warning light will illuminate on the cluster. Have the system be inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Limitations of High Beam Assist

High Beam Assist may not work properly in the following situations:

  • Light from a vehicle is not detected because of lamp damage, or because it is hidden from sight, etc.
  • Headlight of a vehicle is covered with dust, snow or water.
  • A vehicle’s headlights are off but the fog lamps are on and etc.
  • There is a lamp that has a similar shape as a vehicle’s lamp.
  • Headlights have been damaged or not repaired properly.
  • Headlights are not aimed properly.
  • Driving on a narrow curved road, rough road, uphill or downhill.
  • Vehicle in front is partially visible on a crossroad or curved road.
  • There is a traffic light, reflecting sign, flashing sign or mirror ahead.
  • There is a temporary reflector or flash ahead (construction area).
  • The road conditions are bad such as being wet, iced or covered with snow.
  • A vehicle suddenly appears from a curve.
  • The vehicle is tilted from a flat tire or is being towed.
  • Light from a vehicle is not detected because of exhaust fume, smoke, fog, snow, etc.


  • At times, High Beam Assist may not work properly. It is the responsibility of the driver for safe driving practices and always check the road conditions for your safety.
  • When High Beam Assist does not operate normally, change the headlight position manually between high beam and low beam.
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