Hyundai Santa Fe: Special Service Tools - General Information - Automatic Transaxle System - Hyundai Santa Fe DM 2013-2019 Service ManualHyundai Santa Fe: Special Service Tools

Special Service Tools

(Number and name)
Engine support fixture(Beam)

Removal and installation of the transaxle.
Except lower supporter, use beam only with new engine support fixture supporter(SST No.:09200-2S000)

Removal and installation of the transaxle.
Use this beam (SST No. : 09200-38001/3N000) with the supporter (SST No. : 09200-2S000)
Oil seal installer(2WD)

Installation of transaxle case oil seal.
[Using with bar (SST No.:09231-H1100)]
Oil seal installer(4WD)

Installation of transaxle case oil seal.
[Using with bar (SST No.:09231-H1100)]

Installation of transaxle case oil seal.
[Using with oil seal installer (SST No.:09453-3L241, 09453-2W100)]
Inhibitor neutral fixed pin

Inhibitor neutral fixed.

※ Engine support fixture special tool assembly drawing

1. 09200-3N000(Main bar)
2. 09200-3N000(Sub bar)
3. 09200-3N000(Handle)
4. 09200-3N000(Stopper)
5. 09200-3N000(Stopper)
6. 09200-3N000(Knobe)
7. 09200-3N000(Adapter)
8. 09200-2S000(Supporter)
9. 09200-3N000(Hanger)
10. 09200-3N000(Clip)
11. 09200-3N000(Nut)
12. 09200-3N000(Pin)
13. 09200-2S000(Stopper)
14. 09200-2S000(Spacer)
15. 09200-2S000(Adapter)
16. 09200-2S000(Nut)
17. 09200-2S000(Supporter)

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