Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Engine number. Refrigerant label - Vehicle Information, Consumer Information and Reporting Safety DefectsHyundai Santa Fe (TM): Engine number. Refrigerant label

Engine number

The engine number is stamped on the engine block as shown in the drawing.

Refrigerant label

The refrigerant label provides information such as refrigerant type and amount. (R-1234yf)

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Vehicle certification label. Tire specification and pressure label
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the number used in registering your vehicle and in all legal matters pertaining to its ownership, etc. The number is punched ...

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Components and Components Location
Components 1. Hands free call switch 2. Mic 3. Front left speaker 4. Front right speaker 5. Audio head unit (hands free control) ※ There is no hands free jack. This system supports Bluetooth(wireless ...

User settings mode
In this mode, you can change the settings of the instrument cluster, doors, lamps, etc. 1. Driver Assistance 2. Head-Up Display 3. Cluster 4. Lights 5. Door 6. Convenience 7. Units The information provided ...

Rear Mud Guard. Repair procedures
Replacement • Put on gloves to protect your hands. • When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape, and apply protective tape around the related parts, to prevent damage. • ...