Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Air cleaner - MaintenanceHyundai Santa Fe (TM): Air cleaner

Filter replacement

The air cleaner filter can be cleaned for inspection using compressed air. Do not attempt to wash or to rinse it, as water will damage the filter. If soiled, the air cleaner filter must be replaced.

1. Pull up the air cleaner filter cover (1).

2. Wipe the inside of the air cleaner.

3. Pull down the lever to the UNLOCK (2) position.

4. Replace the air cleaner filter.

5. Reassemble the air cleaner cover in the reverse order.


If the vehicle is operated in extremely dusty or sandy areas, replace the element more often than the usual recommended intervals (refer to “Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions” in this chapter).


  • Do not drive with the air cleaner filter removed. This will result in excessive engine wear.
  • When removing the air cleaner filter, be careful that dust or dirt does not enter the air intake, or damage may result.
  • Use HYUNDAI genuine parts or the equivalent specified for your vehicle. Use of non-genuine parts could damage the air flow sensor.
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