Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Interior Overview - Vehicle Information, Consumer Information and Reporting Safety DefectsHyundai Santa Fe (TM): Interior Overview

1. Inside door handle
2. Power window switches
3. Power window lock button/Electronic child safety lock button
4. Side view mirror folding button
5. Side view mirror control switch
6. Central door lock switch
7. Instrument panel illumination control switch
8. Lane Safety button
9. Power Liftgate open/close button
10. ESC (Electronic Stability Control) OFF button
11. EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) switch
12. Steering wheel
13. Steering wheel tilt/telescopic switch
14. Fuse box
15. Hood release lever
16. Seat

Exterior Overview
Exterior Overview (Front View) 1. Hood 2. Headlight 3. Tires and wheels 4. Side view mirror 5. Sunroof 6. Front windshield wiper blades 7. Windows 8. Front ultrasonic sensors Exterior Overview (Rear View) ...

Instrument panel overview
1. Instrument cluster 2. Driver’s front air bag 3. Engine Start/Stop button 4. Infotainment system 5. Hazard warning lamp switch 6. Climate control system 7. Shift button 8. ISG (Idle Stop and Go) button ...

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