Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Troubleshooting - Body (Interior and Exterior)Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Troubleshooting

Possible cause
Wind noise around the door
Arise the gap on weatherstrip
Replace weatherstrip
Water leaks from panorama sunroof
Miss install of panorama sunroof frame weather strip and deforming
seal breakage
Fill with sealant
Wind noise on Panorama Sunroof
Deflector deformation and deviation
Replace or Remounting
Noise while panorama sunroof is working (noise when opening or closing)
Accumulation on the guide rail or rear rail
Clean guide rail/rear rail and apply grease
Tilt lever shoe excessive wear and breakage
Replace tilt lever shoe
Panorama Sunroof malfunction (Motor work, sunroof move partially or does not move
Accumulation on the guide rail or rear rail
1. Clean guide rail/rear rail and apply grease
2. Adjustment or replacement
Poor engagement drive cable and motor pinion.
Adjustment or replacement
Sunroof operating resistance or interference (with cable, weather strip) increased.
Adjustment or replacement
Motor initial value (position value) loss
Motor Initialization
motor noise
Poor engagement drive cable and motor pinion.
Motor pinion gear worn out or breakage
Motor Replacement
Drive cable worn out or breakage
Door glass inoperative
Incorrect window glass installation
Motor failure or regulator breakage/deformationDamaged or faulty motor and regulator
Adjustment or replacement
Door does not open or close completely
Door installation incorrect or striker/latch misalignment
Adjust position
Breakage, deformation, incorrect installation on door handle and latch. Deformation of checker
Adjustment or replacement
Not enough grease on door hinge and checker
Apply grease
Hood does not open or close completely
Striker and latch are not properly aligned.
Hood installation incorrect
Incorrect hood bumper height
Water leak on windshield or rear window
Defective seal
Apply sealant
Defective flange
Wiper blade wiping/vibration noise
Glass surface contamination
Remove the foreign matters and water-repellent coating using a clean wet towel.
Wiper blade contamination
Clean wiper blade using a clean wet towel.
Improper wiper arm angle
Check wiper arm angle specification and adjust.
Wiper blade worn out
Wiper blade replacement.
Wiper blade failure
Check if “tick” sound.
Wiper blade clearance
Press the left and right sides of the blade using tools.

Specifications Items Specification Hood Type Rear hinged, gas lifter type Front Door Construction Front hinged, frame door construction Regulator system Wire drum type Locking system Pin-fork system Rear ...

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