Hyundai Santa Fe: Rear Seat Assembly. Components and Components Location - Rear Seat - Body (Interior and Exterior)Hyundai Santa Fe: Rear Seat Assembly. Components and Components Location

Component Location

[Second row seat assembly]

1. Second row seat assembly [LH]
2. Second row seat assembly [RH]

[Third row seat assembly]

1. Third row seat assembly [LH]
2. Third row seat assembly [RH]

Components and Components Location
Components (1) [Second row seat assembly] (LH) 1. Rear seat headrest [LH] 2. Rear seat center headrest 3. Rear seat headrest guide 4. Rear seat back cover 5. Rear seat back warmer 6. Rear seat back frame ...

Rear Seat Assembly. Repair procedures
Replacement [Second row seat assembly] 1. Push the second row seat assembly [RH] (A) towards the front of the vehicle as far as possible. 2. Loosen the second center seat belt buckle mounting bolt (A). ...

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