Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Special service tools - Body (Interior and Exterior)Hyundai Santa Fe (TM): Special service tools

Special Service Tools
Tool (Number and name)
09880 - 4F000
Hog ring clip installer

Hog ring clip installation

Specifications Items Specification Hood Type Rear hinged, gas lifter type Front Door Construction Front hinged, frame door construction Regulator system Wire drum type Locking system Pin-fork system Rear ...

Components and components location Component Location 1. Fender assembly Repair procedures Replacement    • When removing the fender, wrap protective tape around a screwdriver or remover not ...

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Parking Assist Sensor. Repair procedures
Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the rear bumper cover. 3. Disconnect the connector (B) from the parking assist sensor (A). 4. Pull out the sensor (A) by opening the sensor ...